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Cas: tiki promised to show some more detail about CUSS-T’MIZING, so we’re gonna show you folks some stuff tonight.

Sam: I’m gonna get a new outfit!

Vincent Vega: Where the f*ck am I?

Cas; Will you open the box, Demon Dean?

Cas: OK, first ya gotta boil up some water, for loosening the glue!  tiki usually just pops a bucket o’ water in the MICROWAVE, and then goes to watch TEEN WOLF.  She likes Det. Parrish, hee.

Cas: All right boys, in the pool!

Sam: Yay!

Vincent Vega: What’s the deal?  Where’s my royale with cheese?

Cas: You just gotta dunk ‘em for ONE MINUTE.  How’s the water, boys?

Sam: Peachy!

Vincent: *glug*

Cas: Now we’re gonna pull some heads off!  You mostly just gotta tug, though tiki also has a little bitty screwdriver she uses for pryin’

Vincent: AAAARGH!

Cas: Vincent’s arm is also glued on, and usually it just pulls right off after he’s soaked!  This is if you wanna lower his arm so it’s not pointed up.

Cas: And there goes Sammy’s head!

Sam: Wheeeee!

Cas: Now, if you don’t want him to be holding a gun any more, and you’ve gotten the plastic softened, just run a sharp knife over the gun and nick it off.  You can repaint the hand later!

Cas: The arm socket has a notch, so you’ll need to carve another notch in the arm so it can go back, pointed down.

Cas: See, the arm pops right back in now!  You could also add some glue to keep it steady.  Now we’re almost ready to paint!

Sam: Woo-hoo!  Can’t wait!

Cas: You’re weird, Sam.


Its season two Mulder hair all over again





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This whole fucking cast is slowly trying to kill us.


This whole fucking cast is slowly trying to kill us.

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I still don’t understand why Dean got the mark of Cain to kill Abaddon before he found out Gadreel to take vengeance for his brother and Kevin. There is only one reason: “fallen angel story arc sucks so let’s change the arc.” - SPN writers 

Sometimes I want to convince my religion is Misha Collins. (DA)

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